Card House Game Day Schedule:
All players welcome!
Ph: 07 5479 2636


The Card House





Thrs 12th 5.30pm YuGi $ 10
Thrs 12th 5.35pm Magic casual standard $ 10
Fri 13th 6pm Magic FNM Modern $ 10
Sat 14th 9.30am

YuGiOh End of year Break up event. Traditional.

Booking Essential!!

$ 10
Sun 15th 11am Pokemon $ 10
Tues 17th 11am YuGi $ 10
Wed 18th 11am Pokemon $ 10
Thrs 19th 5.30pm YuGi $ 5
Thrs 19th 5.35pm Magic casual standard $ 10
Fri 20th 6pm Magic FNM Modern $ 10
Sat 21st Noon

Magic End of year break up event- TRIBAL!!

If you've been a part of the tourney scene this year, come along and join our prize-laden end of season event! Shake off that gorilla suit and play your ape deck, or find a Pink Floyd shirt and compete with your Walls !

$ 10
Sun 22nd 11am Pokemon $ 10
Mon 23rd Open 9-4pm
Tues 24th Open 9-4pm
Wed 25th Christmas Day -Closed
Thrs 26th Boxing Day - Closed
The "quiet" part of our year. You're welcome to come in for pick-up games, or hang out in the aircon!
Fri 27th Open 9 - 3pm
Sat 28th Open 9 - 3pm
Sun 29th Open 10 - 3pm
Mon 30th Open 10-3pm
Tues 31st Open 10-3pm
Weds 1st New Years Day- Closed
Thur 2nd 5.30pm YuGi $ 10
Thrs 2nd 5.35pm Magic Casual standard $ 10
Fri 3rd 6pm Magic FNM -Modern $ 10
Sat 4th 9.30am YuGi $ 10
Sat 4th 1pm Magic Pioneer!!! $ 10
Sat 4th 1.15pm DBS $ 10
Sun 5th 11am Pokemon $ 10
Tues 7th 11am YuGi $ 10
Weds 8th 11am Pokemon $ 10
Thrs 9th 5.30pm YuGi $ 5
Thrs 9th 5.35pm Magic casual standard $ 10
Fri 10th 6pm Magic FNM-Modern $ 10
Sat 11th 9.30am YuGi $ 10
Sat 11th 1pm Magic Standard $ 10
Sat 11th 1.15pm DBS $ 10
Sun 12th 11am Pokemon $ 10