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About Us

What is the Card House?

The Card House is a store with a vibrant heartbeat and is the place to play games and connect with fellow gamers. It's also a great place to find unique gifts and collectibles.  

The hottest board games, and all manner of exciting merchandise.

I don't live on the Sunshine Coast. How can the Card House help me?

Our mail order service is reliable, fast and we take pride in every order we send out. If you find something you like on our site you can be assured it will get to you quickly and packed with care. If you can not find what you are after why not email us a request. Our stock changes rapidly and we may just have what you need. No harm in asking! email is the way to go-

I am after single cards and I can't find any on the Card House site. Do you have any? Yes! We have plenty of singles at the shop. Come in and take a look!