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Magic Tribal November 1st- A day etched forever in infamy.....

Posted by Kevin OConnell on

Saturday afternoon saw the re-appearance of a Magic Tribal event after a 4 year absence.

Thanks to a suggestion from Spyder, a long time ex-Cardie, we ran the format with a solid and fun field of 27 players.

A tribal deck can only consist of one creature type. The emphasis was on embracing the strange!

All players received exclusive foils and boosters depending on their level of creativity.

Bowie { Pirates} took away the From the Vault, with Scott { Germs} and Troy { Asses} collecting a Modern master pack each in acknowledgment of their left-field efforts.

Look for a repeat performance of the Tribal day in December as our break-up Magic event.

The list of decks:

Sliver, Assassins, Elementals, Rats, Faeries, Germs, Pirates, Elephants, Golems, Cephalids, Gods, Asses, Merfolk, Demons, Goblins, Eldrazi, Shapeshifters, Myr, Centaurs, Wurms, Minotaurs, Juggernauts, Dragons, Goblins, and Pegasus.

What a great range!!

Thanks to all concerned for embracing the idea . You all made it a great day.


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